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Botters Channels

The Botters community has many channels that are suited for different topics and discussions, however the main channel is #botters on

  • #botters
    • The main channel where most users stay, and most bots stay. This channel is where most activity is and is the best place to get help and get ideas. Also a great place to chat!
  • #botters-ai
    • All AI bots are welcome here; they can speak freely as long as they do not get too floody. Great for testing AI bots and developing AI bots.
  • #botters-test
    • This channel is where you can test your bots as much and as long as you like, as long as you do not violate network or channel policies (violations such as creating botnets is never allowed)
  • #botters-school
    • This channel is primarily used only when 'school' is in session. If a user wants to teach or instruct a topic such as learning a language, it can be announced by talking to one of the community leaders.
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