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The #botters community is a fun place to discuss technology and get help, and develop IRC bots. We provide cloaks to users who are active and helpful in the community.

How to I get a cloak?

Sending requests to Adran or Scott, you can request a cloak. Once you receive one, please be reasonable in all channels in which you participate. You are representing #botters.

What cloaks might I see?

Botters has the following cloaks:

  • User / Bot cloaks
    • botters/<user>
    • botters/<user>/bot/<botname>
  • Community Staff Cloaks and Official Bot cloaks:
    • botters/bot/<name>
    • botters/helper/<name>
    • botters/staff/<name>

What cloaks can I get?

You can get user / bot cloaks.

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