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BBot the IRC Bot

About BBot

BBot is a modular IRC bot written in Python. It is distributed under the GPL v3 license and the MIT/X11 license. The original creator of the bot is aj00200.

Source Code

BBot's source code is openly available from multiple sources. For the most up-to-date development code, you can check the GitHub repository. For a slightly older version, but a confirmed stable version, the Launchpad project page has the code available via Bazaar repositories and PPA builds (installable packages for Ubuntu/Debian).

Setting Up and Configuring BBot

As BBot is currently designed to operate under Linux systems, the configuration utility exists only for Linux at this time. Thus, after downloading the code, you may run the file bbot-makeconf, which will ask you a series of questions to help generate the configuration file. After which, you may then run the bot with the file, which needs to be run in a terminal environment. If you are making a dedicated bot, we suggest that the bot be run on a system that is continually connected to the Internet, and that you run the bot software in a screen session, or some dedicated, non-terminating, console session.

Getting Help / Reporting Bugs

Help may be obtained for BBot the IRC bot from several IRC sources. The following is a list of channels and networks for where you can get support:

Bug reporting for BBot the IRC bot may be done at the Launchpad bugs page for BBot the IRC Bot.

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