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These are VPS providers which we were not sure about. If you confirm that these are real and allow running IRC Bots, move them to hosting-bots.


Name Specs for cheapest plan Cost for cheapest plan Location 5GB disk, 385MB RAM, 0.6GHz CPU $5/mo ?
Cinfu 256MB RAM, 20GB Disk, 1GHz CPU, No external IPv4 $1.22/mo USA, Germany, France, Netherlands
HostUS 512MB RAM, 10GB Disk $6/qr USA, UK, Netherlands and for a higher price: China, Singapore, Australia
France VPS 1GB RAM, 20GB Disk, IPv6 only $12/yr France
Nogics 0.5GB RAM, 1GB vSwap, 20 GB Disk, IPv6 only $2.61/mo Germany

Shell Servers

Name Price Location Description
Eglide Free? ? Just one IRC connection
Bshellz £10 to become Elite member and run bots ? They have IPv6
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