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Finding a place that allows you to run IRC bots can be a bit of a challenge. Below you will find a list of places that we know allow you to run bots.

Also see candidate-hosting-bots

Virtualized Hosting

Name Specs for cheapest plan Cost for cheapest plan Location
Amazon EC2 10GB disk, 600ish MB of RAM, choice of AMIs/distros. Free (see Various Datacenters, incl. E/W coast USA
Linode 20GB disk, 1024MB of RAM, choice of datacenter/distro. Recovery console. $5/mo Various Datacenters
Chunk Host 1GB of RAM, 20GB disk and 1CPU $5/mo Los Angeles
BuyVM 128mb ram, 15gb disk space $15/yr San Jose and New York
DigitalOcean 25GB disk, 1GB RAM, 1TB Bandwidth, $20 credit with voucher SSDBEAR20 (requires card), choice of common distros $5/mo Amsterdam, San Francisco, New York, or Singapore 3GiB disk, 128MiB RAM, 20GiB bandwidth $6/mo ?
RamNode 128MB RAM, 128MB VSwap, 1 CPU Core, 10GB SSD, 1Gbps, 500GB Bandwidth/mo $15/yr Various - New York, NY; Seattle, WA; Atlanta, GA; Netherlands
Waveride 50GB disk, 4GB of RAM, 4 cores, 2TB bandwidth 5€/mo Vienna, Austria or Amsterdam, Netherlands or Chicago, USA
OVH VPS Starts at 10GB disk, 1GB of RAM, 1 vCore, unlimited bandwidth 3€/mo Gravelines or Strasbourg, France


Name Website Specs for cheapest plan Cost for cheapest plan Location
Atlas Networks Varies from recycled to non-recycled server, etc. Varies (I pay roughly $50 /mo) Seattle, WA
Online SAS Starts at 500GB disk, 2GB of RAM, 1 core (1.6 GHz), unlimited bandwidth (200 mbps) Starts at 6€/mo Paris, France

Shell Servers

Name Website Price Location Description
Bitcoinshell You should win in a pong game! France Has ident daemon and IPv6
Thunix Free UK -
Hashbang (#!) You should solve the puzzle different USA states, Canada Has ident daemon and IPv6

Please add more.

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