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Botters Projects of the Year

This is a botters projects of the year (POY) home. For each year, a project (or potentially multiple projects) are added as community accepts them, and botters community works on these projects during the year.

An eligible project will need more developer hours, while already have a strong user-base, so the put effort is actually useful in the long run.

If you would like to add such project to a current year's list, please ask in the main botters channel. An ideas submissions and voting system is underway for a proper community-powered voting about a next year project, 2014.

How to help

For each project,its page describes how to get involved, both technically or programming-wise as well as non-technically. Activities may include:

  • Testing
  • Translations
  • Development
  • Bug reports
  • Packaging
  • Support
  • … and many others, interesting to people of varying background.

You are welcome to ask for help at #botters or a project main support channel.

What is listed

Botters-contributed bug fixes and bug reports are listed as sub-items for each item on this page. They appear if:

  • You are a botter and contribute to the project of the year after finding it here.
  • You are not a botter, but find the project here and get help with it from other botters.

Projects of the years

* 2013: QWeeChat

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